ICT returning students registration

•ICT returning students are advised to bring copy of results for previous semester. those without copy of results would not be allowed to register. Second semester is starting on 2 July 2018.Deadline for registration is 31 July 2018


Tuition Fees: $560 per semester

Registration Fee: $10

Application Fee: $10

Semester 1

FAC101                 Financial Accounting

MGT113               Business Economics

MIS114                 ICT Applications Systems

MGT115               Principles of Management

CS101                    Communication Skills

Semester 2

MGT111               Principles of Marketing

MGT201               Business Communication

FAC201                 Cost accounting

MKT101                Marketing Essentials

MGT203               Management 2

Semester 3

ENT221                 Entrepreneurship

MKR301               Retail Management

ENT301                 Small Business management

FAC303                 Risk Management

STA201                 Business Statistics

Semester 4: Work Related

WK401                  Student Report

WK402                  Supervisor Report

WK403                  Assessment Report

Semester 5

HRM501               Human Resources Management

MKT504                Customer Service Management

FAC305                 Managerial Finance

MGT504               Leadership

MGT503             Corporate Business Management

Entry Requirements

5 O Levels including English Language

Duration  2 years

Exam Month May and October


Diploma in Web Designing

for more information contact: Trust Academy I.T Department.

  • HTML
  • Java Scripts
  • Joomla
  • Online Market