ICT returning students registration

•ICT returning students are advised to bring copy of results for previous semester. those without copy of results would not be allowed to register. Second semester is starting on 2 July 2018.Deadline for registration is 31 July 2018

Trust Academy High School is a dynamic, progressive and ICT driven private institution committed to serving the secondary school needs of Zimbabweans. The school  operates as a private, diversity – tolerant and co-educational institution with a strong customer bias.

The High school concentrates on excellence in academic instruction and puts rigorous effort into producing a whole or total person who is a useful citizen of Zimbabwe and the global community. Despite being a non – formal college, Trust Academy students and staff are challenged to be very formal and professional in their operations to the highest possible standards of achievement irrespective of student background and ability. Our target market is the medium to up market customers of diverse abilities, as we pride ourselves as masters of academic and social rehabilitation, that is turning the’ impossible’ candidates into success stories.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE To identify & promote teacher and school initiatives that enables the attainment of quality academic results and so help raise enrolments.
READING & ACADEMIC SKILLS To identify and enhance students & institutional programs to promote and support research and study habits for better results.
DISCIPLINE & MORALS To ensure that both teachers and students are well behaved and exhibit the Trust Academy ethos/ values.
SPORTS & CLUBS To tap, nurture and enhance not just participation, but also excellence in non academic student activities