Requirements: 5 “O” Levels including English & Mathematics

Duration          : 2 years

Tuition Fees      : $560 per semester

Application Fee: $10

Registration Fee: $10


Semester 1

FAC101                 Financial Accounting

MGT113               Business Economics

MIS114                 ICT Applications

MGT115               Principles of Management

CS101                    Communication

 Semester 2

MGT201               Business Communication

MGT111               Principles of Law

FAC102                 Cost Accounting

FAC203                 Financial Reporting

FAC204                 Audit

Semester 3

FAC202                 Business Taxation

STA201                 Business Statistics

FAC201                 Management Accounting

ENT221                 Entrepreneurship

FAC304                 Auditing and Assurance

 Semester 4         Work related learning

WKL401                Student Report

WKL402                Supervisor Report

WKL403                Assessment Report

Semester 5

FAC502                 Corporate Financial Reporting

FAC301                 Performance Management

FAC303                 Risk Management

FAC504                 Financial Management

MGT503               Corporate Business Management

Higher Diploma in Office Administration

Certificate Level


Management 1

Secretarial Office Techniques 1

Public Relations

Typing Technology

Financial Accounting 1

Higher Certificate

Concepts of Management Computing


Administrative Practice 1

Secretarial Office Techniques 2


Principles of Law

Organisational Behaviour

Public Relations 2

Secretarial Office Techniques 3

Entry Requirements

5 O Levels Including English Language and Maths/Accounts

Duration: Minimum 18 Months

Exam Month: May and October


IAC Local Office

IAC Office

No. 6 Meredith Drive


P.O. Box 2056


Telephone: +263 4 251301-3

Email: enquiries@iac.co.zw

Website: www.iac.co.zw


Membership and exam fees: Contact IAC

Diploma in Tourism Management Level 4

Travel and Tourism Operations (Assessment by exam)

Travel and Tourism Supervision (Assessment by assignment)

Travel Geography (Assessment by exam)

Destination Analysis (Assessment by assignment)

Finance in Tourism and Hospitality (Assessment by exam)

Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality (Assessment by assignment)

Global tourism and Hospitality (Assessment by assignment)

Advanced Diploma in Tourism management Level 5

Understanding Funding and Finance in Tourism and Hospitality (Assessment by exam)

Human Resources Management in Tourism and Hospitality Industry (Assessment by assignment)

Strategic Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality Industry (Assessment by exam)

Customer Relationship Management in Tourism and Hospitality Industry (Assessment by assignment)

Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Industry (Assessment by exam)

Tour Operations Management (Assessment by assignment)

Sustainable Tourism and Destination Development (Assessment by assignment)

Entry Requirements

Open Entry

Duration: 2 years

Exam month: June and November

Website: www.cthawards.com